Federal & State Fraud and Abuse Counseling

Federal & State Fraud and Abuse Counseling

Nearly every healthcare transaction involves potential federal and state fraud and abuse issues. Whether a practice is subleasing space from a referral source, investing in an ambulatory surgical center, entering into a joint venture agreement with a hospital, or investing in a new healthcare modality, an analysis should be performed by competent legal counsel to ensure compliance with applicable fraud and abuse laws, including:

  • Federal and State Anti-kickback Laws and Regulations
  • Federal and State Self-referral Prohibitions (Stark Law)
  • False Claims Act
  • Insurance Fraud
  • State Commercial Bribery Criminal Statutes

Frier Levitt takes a team approach to fraud and abuse counseling, frequently drawing from the varied experience of numerous attorneys in evaluating a transaction. If Frier Levitt believes that a proposed model is problematic, alternative strategies will be sought, when available, in order to get our clients to the same place via a different route.

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