Lawrence F. Kobak, DPM, Esq. Published in Podiatry Management: “Podiatrist Indicted for Alleged Foot Bath Scheme and Other Machinations”

Get rich quick schemes often result in legal troubles and have been a trend amongst the healthcare industry for several years. Foot bath schemes are one of many forms of healthcare fraud that have been under increased investigation recently.

In a new article published by Podiatry Management, Frier Levitt attorney Lawrence F. Kobak, Esq. reports on a recent case involving a podiatrist indicted for an alleged criminal conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud through Medicare reimbursement for various footbath medications that were not medically necessary. Larry cautions providers to consider the legality and consequences of such practices before engaging in them and advises indicted physicians to seek experienced healthcare legal representation to ensure that their rights are adequately protected.

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