PHARMACY ALERT: Major PBM Terminating Specialty Pharmacies

A major PBM has recently sent out Termination Notices to multiple specialty pharmacies stating each pharmacy “no longer meets the terms and conditions for participation as a retail pharmacy” in the PBM’s network.  Upon further investigation Frier Levitt has learned the pharmacies are being terminated solely because they dispense a certain high percentage of specialty drugs.  This is despite the fact that there is no contractual term stating a retail pharmacy must dispense within a certain range of specialty drugs.

Frier Levitt views these terminations in violation of the PBM’s contract, federal law, and possibly state laws.  If your specialty pharmacy has received a termination notice like this, we may be able to help.

Frier Levitt is a boutique law firm specializing in health and pharmacy law.  Our experienced litigators and pharmacy experts represent pharmacies across the country against PBMs and other payors in termination and other contract disputes.  Contact us today to learn more.

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