Frier Levitt Partner Jesse Dresser Quoted in Drug Topics: Mid-Year Updates on PBM Legislation

Frier Levitt partner Jesse Dresser was recently quoted in Drug Topics article “Mid-Year Updates on PBM Legislation” by Keith Loria.

The Senate Finance Committee recently passed a pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) reform package, marking a significant stride towards potential transformations within the industry. This legislation, the Modernizing and Ensuring PBM Accountability Act, comprises 8 sections with the purpose of regulating PBMs in the domains of Medicare Part D, Medicare Advance, and Medicaid.

In the article, Jesse highlights that the bill requires PBMs’ compensation be delinked from drug prices, transitioning to a framework based on a “bona fide service fee.” The bill also establishes requirements around the methods PBMs can use in assessing pharmacy performance, aiming to level the playing field between independent providers and PBM-owned pharmacies.

Additionally, Jesse noted that the bill’s chances of passing the entire Senate are quite high, given its bipartisan nature from the start, garnering extensive backing from both sides within the Committee.

He stated, “The bill presents a measured first step in regulating the heretofore unregulated PBM industry, and has scored very well with the CBO.”

Read the full article to learn more about the bill and its implications here.