Frier Levitt Assists Pharmacy in Challenging Audit and Obtaining Withheld Funds

Frier Levitt recently assisted an independent pharmacy based in New York that was being audited by a national pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). During the course of the audit, the PBM alleged various audit discrepancies including drug invoice shortages against the Pharmacy, withheld a substantial amount of money from the pharmacy, and also prohibited the Pharmacy from participating in the PBM Pharmacy Network during the pendency of the audit. Through a decisive legal action taken by Frier Levitt, the Pharmacy was able to resolve a significant amount of the alleged audit discrepancies, obtain a substantial sum of the money being withheld from the Pharmacy, and continue participation in the PBM Pharmacy Network.
Contesting PBM audits and challenging adverse actions taken by a PBM against a pharmacy is critical to ensure that pharmacies are not having money improperly recouped from the pharmacy without a sufficient basis to justify the recoupment and to ensure they are not being exposed to additional liabilities or other adverse actions/consequences. Effectively navigating these complex proceedings can be difficult and challenging—working with experienced legal counsel can be critical to achieving favorable results.
How Frier Levitt Can Help
Frier Levitt has extensive experience working with independent pharmacies throughout the United States on all aspects of PBM audits from their inception through litigation in those circumstances where litigation becomes necessary. The attorneys at Frier Levitt include clinicians and experienced litigators who are prepared to take all necessary steps to fight on behalf of a pharmacy in connection with PBM audits. If you have questions or need help with a PBM dispute, including PBM audits, contact us today to speak to an attorney.  
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