Start-Up Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies

Frier Levitt Is a Trusted Advisor for Start-up Businesses and Investors Throughout the Country

Frier Levitt has helped start-up businesses throughout the country in both the healthcare and life sciences space. Our knowledgeable attorneys have assisted start-up businesses with the following representative types of matters: 

  • Restructuring, executive compensation, employee, IP, contracts (SOW, PSA) and structuring forms of agreements for a healthcare analytics software company.
  • Structuring, regulatory, license, IP and outside general counsel advice to a start-up pharmaceutical return service (reverse distribution) company.
  • Structuring, regulatory and related advice to a client starting a national MSO business and a platform for the delivery of behavioral health services by licensed providers.
  • Structuring, regulatory and related advice to a client starting a regional dental DSO business. 
  • IP and license issues for a physician investor in a company owning and developing an app for emergency plastic surgery referrals, a portal to which photos of the injury could be sent from the emergency room to physician.
  • Finance, diligence and structuring advice to the owner of healthcare software for medical office solutions who licensed the technology to a start-up company (an SAAS solution for medical care), including an investment in over 10% of the company in restricted stock and a SAFE.
  • IP (including patentability analysis), diligence and restructuring advice to an investor in a start-up healthcare technology company.
  • Developing a healthcare data aggregation commercialization business.
  • Developing and structuring various healthcare related businesses, including Super Groups, surgical centers, laboratories, pharmacies and imaging centers.

How can Frier Levitt Help You with Your Start-up Business?

Developing Your Business Model and Business

Industry and Regulatory Strategy and Expertise – Frier Levitt will help you develop, test, implement and maintain your business model, taking into account and assessing regulatory and industry compliance requirements and expectations.

Business Entity Formation, Strategy and Governance Expertise – Frier Levitt will structure and form your company, putting in place the best foundation considering industry and investor considerations. Whether an LLC, a C or S Corp, a partnership, a benefit corporation or B corp, or a professional entity, Frier Levitt will help you decide and execute. Following formation, we can handle your day-to-day corporate and governance issues, including corporate filings; shareholder agreement issues; board and owner approvals; admitting new owners; investor transfers and withdrawals; expanding your business into new states or countries; and restructuring your holdings as your business grows.

Technology and Intellectual Property Strategy and Expertise – Frier Levitt will evaluate and protect your technology and IP and assess related market strategies and issues, with cutting edge experience across patent, trademark, trade secret and other soft IP issues.

Contracts and Negotiation Strategy and Expertise – Frier Levitt regularly handles management and services agreements, PSAs, SOWs, distribution and supply agreements, customer agreements, licenses, noncompetition agreements, PIAAs, NDAs, BAAs, terms of use and all other key contracts and related regulatory issues for your business. We will work with you to develop a suite of template terms and documents to get your business up and running in a consistent, compliant and cost-effective manner.

Risk Management Strategy and Expertise – From insurance alternatives to dispute resolution and high stakes litigation, Frier Levitt will advise on, handle and resolve arbitration and litigation claims in a practical business-oriented way.

Building Your Business Team

Executive Comp/Employment Strategy and Expertise – Frier Levitt will help you grow your business organically by hiring employees and executives, through structuring and preparing employment, consulting, incentive compensation and benefits arrangements as well as working with you to develop a set of standard terms, policies, handbooks, and agreements.

Strategic Partnership Development and Advisory Team Networks – Frier Levitt has an extensive network among other key experts, advisors and partners to consider for your team, including accounting, financial, compliance and administrative experts. In the healthcare and life science spaces Frier Levitt has an unparalleled reach among industry experts and advisors for potential strategic partnerships and boards.

Growing and Maximizing the Value of Your Business

Finance Strategy and Expertise – Frier Levitt will help you with the capital and financing you need to keep your business running, including investor agreements, JV agreements, loan agreements, SBA loans and issues.

Strategy and Expertise for Acquisitions and Exits – Frier Levitt has broad and deep expertise with acquisition agreements, particularly in the highly regulated healthcare and life science spaces. We know and anticipate industry-specific issues that will impact the value of the business you are looking to acquire, and your own business when you are looking to sell. From the letter of intent through cost-effective diligence to definitive agreements through closing, Frier Levitt will help you structure, negotiate, draft and consummate acquisitions and other transactions in a way that maximizes the value of your business.

Why Frier Levitt for your Start-Up Business?

We are entrepreneurs, and passionate about helping other entrepreneurs, innovators, companies and investors in the healthcare and life science spaces. We are business advisors who know the healthcare and life science spaces, issues and players. We identify and provide practical business-oriented analysis and solutions for the commercial and industry/regulatory issues you and your business will face. We are like many other legal advisors who work with start-up businesses across various industries, however we are unique among those advisors as only Frier Levitt has the depth and breadth of over twenty years of focusing on the healthcare and life science industries. We work with and listen to you, tailoring the services we provide to your individual client needs and objectives.

We have worked with inventors; entrepreneurs; start-ups; angel, VC and PE investors; small and middle market companies; joint ventures and strategic alliances; companies going public and public companies; PE investor-owned and large public companies. We’ve seen the movie before and know the ending – where you and your start-up business want to go and what you need to do and have in place in order to get there.

How Frier Levitt Can Help

Our attorneys can be your trusted advisor and outside general counsel team. Frier Levitt’s breadth of expertise is a resource for all your business legal needs, allowing you to focus your bandwidth on growing your business. We are responsive, efficient and solutions-oriented, working to get you the best terms possible. Frier Levitt’s unparalleled industry experience and networks are available to help our clients achieve their goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we help start-up businesses.

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