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What Makes Us Unique

Clinician attorneys are part of the unique fabric of our Firm and we frequently utilize their collective wisdom. We have a number of attorneys who are pharmacists and those that have served the profession as podiatrists, hospital administrators, clinicians and medical billing coders. Through our experience in representing thousands of pharmacies across the country, we have developed strong relationships with key decision-makers at each pharmacy benefits manager, as well as a keen understanding of the dynamic trends and legal issues impacting pharmacies. Pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies are among the most regulated entities in the country. These entities need experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel to successfully navigate through the veritable labyrinth of State and Federal laws and regulations. Because of our collective background and experience, Frier Levitt is uniquely positioned to provide complete and comprehensive advice, balancing regulatory compliance with payor requirements and considerations. In addition, our team culture cultivates forward thinking, problem solving and innovation in the healthcare and life science industries.

Helping Pharmacy and Life Science Clients Across the Country

Frier Levitt’s attorneys have decades of experience negotiating the complicated landscape, with an eye towards providing our clients with advice and counsel that assists them in developing programs and arrangements that comport with all applicable laws. Frier Levitt attorneys are licensed in a number of states. In addition to New Jersey, the firm has attorneys licensed in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Massachusetts and Missouri. Our attorneys are also admitted in multiple federal courts throughout the country.  

Life Sciences Matters

Pharmacy transaction involve unique issues that require industry expertise and experience, due in great measure to the unique change of ownership laws in most states and the varied reporting requirements of the PBMs. We are well versed in assuring proper conveyance of licenses and PBM contracts.  Further, we utilize our industry knowledge to analyze every document relative to a transaction, including audits, operating procedures, PBM contracts, and therapeutic class-specific trends in auditing and reimbursement.

We also represent numerous clients in intra-corporate disputes, restrictive covenant litigation, False Claims Act investigations, Qui Tam, Self-Disclosure, investigative subpoenas, healthcare fraud investigations and various other high stakes matters. We have handled complex class actions in the healthcare and life sciences spaces, including ones against publicly traded companies. Our trial lawyers frequently consult with both our clinician attorneys and regulatory attorneys in crafting litigation strategies.

In addition to providing prospective regulatory guidance, Frier Levitt defends civil and criminal investigations and prosecutions at both the federal and state level. Frier Levitt has achieved dozens of successful outcomes for our clients, in both the investigatory and litigation stages, including many complex self-disclosure settlements with the Office of the Inspector General and False Claim Act resolutions. We aggressively defend with the goal of bringing about a favorable “global resolution’ at the earliest stage possible, one that addresses not only the underlying matter but also the potential collateral consequences to a professional license and career. 

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