Pain Management Compliance

With recent increasing scrutiny of pain management, especially in light of the prevalence of addiction, doctor shopping, overdosing, illegal drug distribution, suicide and other causes of death in pain patients, Providers of these services to patients are becoming more and more legally vulnerable. Providers of pain management services need to fully understand their legal obligations and their potential exposure to liability. With the recent release of the Centers for Disease Control guidelines regarding prescribing for chronic pain, particularly the prescribing of opioids for chronic pain, it has become more imperative for Providers to conduct an analysis of their practices’ current processes and have a comprehensive Pain Management Plan.

Frier Levitt works with providers on the development and implementation of comprehensive pain management compliance plans that provide a useful summary to practitioners treating chronic and recurrent pain using methods that may include the prescribing of opioid drugs. We also assist our clients in remaining compliant with both federal and state laws and regulations relating to pain management and prescribing opioids for chronic pain, including, but not limited to guidance provided by the Drug Enforcement Administration, Controlled Substances Act, Centers for Disease Control, and state specific guidance surrounding prescribing, dispensing, billing, and coding. 

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