In-house Counsel Legal Support Services

If you are in-house counsel for a health care or life sciences business, such as a hospital, private-equity-owned management company, large medical practice, specialty pharmacy or the like, you have probably utilized outside counsel if either the matter is beyond the scope of knowledge held by the in-house team, or if the volume of project exceeds that which the in-house team can handle. Frier Levitt is well equipped to provide high-level assistance with its deep bench of over 35 health care and life sciences attorneys on staff who are versed in a wide array of transactional and regulatory matters.

Frier Levitt provides in-house counsel with attorney staffing support for discrete, high-volume projects. Services can be provided either on-site or off-site and are available on both a short-term or long-term basis, all managed by senior-level attorneys. Examples of short-term projects include:

  • Due diligence in transactional matters
  • High volume contract review as part of a compliance audit
  • Preparing and updating template contracts
  • Review of policies and procedures
  • Responding to government audit requests

With each project, Frier Levitt carefully selects attorneys with the requisite knowledge and experience to undertake the task at hand. These individuals are supported by Frier Levitt’s other experienced attorneys, including numerous attorneys with clinical backgrounds.

Frier Levitt’s attorney staffing services include rate packages designed to appeal to cost-conscious companies for high-volume projects where it would be inefficient to pay big-firm prices.

In-house counsel support enables legal teams to be flexible, manage risk, and lower costs, all while filling in the gap between in-house counsel and by traditional outside counsel. Contact us today to discuss your in-house team’s needs.