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Frier Levitt has been working with professional malpractice insurance companies, third party administrators and coverage counsel for years to obtain excellent results for insureds.  Our approach has focused on obtaining the best results possible while being mindful of the costs and pace of litigation and administrative matters.  We regularly work with experts whom we have vetted both as to their knowledge and expertise as well as their cost-effectiveness.  Over the years, we have saved insureds millions of dollars on overpayment demands arising from post-payment audits and litigation pursuant to allegations of fraud, waste and abuse.  Our attorneys include seasoned litigators who regularly appear before professional licensing boards and have litigated with private payors and government attorneys seeking to recoup alleged overpayments.  We have extensive experience defending all manner of audits from private payors to the Medicaid Fraud Division and the CMS.

Providers seeking experienced, sophisticated and unique approaches to audits, licensing board inquiries, litigation and investigations should consider consulting our insurance defense team to determine if we can help secure coverage for defense of such a claim.

Insurance companies, third party administrators and coverage counsel should consider reaching out to assist their insureds as our knowledge and expertise in this space is unrivaled.  We are adept at handling matters covered by professional malpractice insurance companies and are sensitive to the many intricacies involved with same, including, but not limited to, reporting requirements, billing guidelines, budgets, coverage limits and reservation of rights issues.


In recent years, professional malpractice insurance companies have become more competitive and offer more services as part of malpractice coverage or riders to such policies.  Our firm is adept at handling all manner of cases in a cost-effective fashion. We thoroughly vet our experts and monitor the work product closely to ensure cases stay on track and on budget.  We publish a yearly report highlighting our successes and notifying our clients of trends we see developing, mapping out a road ahead for insurance companies and healthcare providers to consider.

What We Do

These days, malpractice policies will cover more than just professional malpractice cases.  Our Insurance Defense Department focuses on defending those matters other than malpractice claims, including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-Payment & Post-Payment Audits
  • Overpayment Demands
  • Licensing Board Inquiries, Complaints and Hearings
  • Civil Litigation alleging improper billing (Fraud, Waste & Abuse)
  • Civil and Criminal Subpoenas related to billing practices
  • Governmental Investigations (e.g., OIFP, CMS, MFD)
  • HIPAA/HITECH investigations
  • Litigation alleging professional misconduct

Our firm also regularly works with coverage counsel, claims adjusters and underwriters to provide insight into the ever-changing healthcare environment. 

Who Do We Represent?

Frier Levitt has represented a diverse range of clients through coverage afforded by professional malpractice insurance companies, such as:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants
  • Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers

These clients have similarly been diverse in size, as we have represented solo-practitioners and members of large medical groups and super groups.  Regardless of the area of specialty, geographic location, and/or size of the practice, our attorneys have the knowledge, experience and skill to advocate on your behalf.


Daniel B. Frier, Esq. and Guillermo J. Beades, Esq. currently head Frier Levitt’s Insurance Defense Department. Contact us today to speak with one of our attorneys specializing in insurance defense matters.