Mastering Licensing Board Investigations: Part 3 – What Providers Can Expect at a Board Hearing

Many times, Licensing Board investigations require a formal hearing, either before a subcommittee of the Board, like a Preliminary Evaluation Committee (“PEC”) hearing, or a hearing before the full Board, such as cases where the Board is seeking to summarily suspend the license of a provider. Hearings are not collegial exchanges among peers, but rather tools to further Board investigations that can lead to a recommendation that a provider’s license is suspended or revoked. Providers must be keenly aware of what they must do in preparation for hearings and what can happen after the hearing.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to Prepare for a Board Hearing
  • Common Mistakes Made by Providers at Hearings
  • What Possibilities Await Beyond the Hearing, from Consent Order to Formal Board Complaints