Mastering Licensing Board Investigations: Part 1 – Anatomy of a Licensing Board Investigation

Frier Levitt attorneys Guillermo Beades and Alan Blankstein present a complimentary webinar series, “Mastering Licensing Board Investigations: Essential Knowledge and Strategies for Healthcare Providers.” This 3-part webinar series is specifically tailored for medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers, who want to understand the intricacies of Licensing Board investigations and learn how to effectively handle them.

“Part 1: Anatomy of a Licensing Board Investigation,” provides an in-depth look at Licensing Board investigations, helping you understand their structure and the role of Board investigators.

Viewers of this webinar will learn:

  1. How Boards initiate an investigation
  2. The limits of a Board investigator’s powers and authority
  3. Common misconceptions providers have that can lead to discipline