Mastering GLP-1 Compounding Webinar Series Part 3: Navigating Litigation and Intellectual Property in 503A Compounding

Frier Levitt attorneys Martha Rumore and Matthew Modafferi presented the final installment of our “Mastering GLP-1 Compounding: Regulatory Insights, Business Strategies, Reimbursement, Telehealth, and Legal Considerations” webinar series. Designed for pharmacy professionals, including pharmacy owners, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians, this 3-part series provides an in-depth exploration of the current regulatory landscape for compounding pharmacies.

In Part 3: “Navigating Litigation and Intellectual Property in 503A Compounding: Challenges and Risk Mitigation Strategies,” Martha and Matt delve into the complex legal landscape of 503A compounding, addressing intellectual property challenges, lawsuits by brand manufacturers, and effective risk mitigation strategies. Key takeaways include:

  • Innovative Business Models and Direct-to-Consumer Advertising
  • Prescriber-Pharmacy Relationships and Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS)
  • Intricacies of Direct-to-Consumer Models via Telehealth
  • Payment Challenges for Compounded Medications