Let’s Talk: PBMs

Let’s Talk: PBMs

Frier Levitt co-founder Jonathan Levitt, Esq. and pharmacist attorney Dae Lee, Pharm.D., Esq., CPBS talk about PBMs. Plan Sponsors often get taken advantage of by PBMs and it is important that Plan Sponsors are aware of the actions they can take to prevent PBM abuse.

[00:00:10] What Should Plans be Aware of with PBMs Owning or Affiliating with Other Pharmacies?

[00:00:57] Plans Should Have a Carve out Provision.

With an in-depth knowledge of PBMs and the Life Sciences space, Frier Levitt provides unique services to Plan Sponsors with the request for proposal process, contract review and negotiation, and audit of PBMs for contract compliance and rebate compliance. Frier Levitt works in Plan Sponsors’ best interests, helping to reduce costs and prevent any mistreatment or abusive practices. If you are a Plan Sponsor currently negotiating a contract or experiencing issues with a PBM, contact Frier Levitt at pharmacy@frierlevitt.com today to speak to an attorney.