Frier Levitt Successfully Reduces PBM Audit Recoupment by 97%

Frier Levitt recently helped a Tennessee-based independent pharmacy who was facing a Fraud, Waste and Abuse audit conducted by a PBM and successfully reduced the audit chargeback by more than 97%. The PBM alleged various discrepancies including, invalid quantity billed and invalid patient documentation. These discrepancies racked up significant audit fines and the Pharmacy reached out to Frier Levitt’s attorneys to help assist the Pharmacy in appealing the audit results. Under the Firm’s guidance, the Pharmacy gathered the requisite documentation and our attorneys submitted the appeals to the PBM on the Pharmacy’s behalf.

How Can Frier Levitt Help?

There is no indication that PBMs will refrain from conducting these types of Fraud, Waste and Abuse audits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pharmacies may still be required to defend against these types of PBM audits in the weeks or months ahead. Audit discrepancies can make or break an independent pharmacy’s business. Contact Frier Levitt today to speak with an attorney.

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