Frier Levitt Saves Two Pharmacies a Combined Total of $8MM

Frier Levitt recently assisted an Arizona-based pharmacy where the PBM began withholding well over $2.4 million before any audit results were issued. Upon release of the initial audit results, the PBM alleged (1) prescriber denial; (2) inventory shortfall; (3) unlicensed mailing; and (4) failure to collect copayment. As such, the PBM attempted to recoup a total amount of over $4 million. After submitting an appeal addressing each allegation as well as a demand for prompt payment, the PBM reduced the total discrepancy amount by over $3.9 million and immediately refunded the pharmacy the amounts wrongfully withheld.

Frier Levitt also assisted a Texas-based pharmacy in a very similar matter where, despite the pharmacy’s wholesalers providing all relevant purchase summaries to the PBM, the PBM maintained that it would not accept these purchases without proof of payment. Frier Levitt worked with the pharmacy to address this issue and provide proof of payment to further substantiate the pharmacy’s proper purchases, ultimately reducing the recoupment amount by over $4 million. 

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