Drug Return Company Ordered to Pay $94 Million in Restitution and $15 Million in Fines for Refund Scheme

Earlier this month, a Pennsylvania federal judge ordered Devos Ltd., a drug return company, to pay over $94 million in restitution and $15 million in fines for failing to channel refunds back to customers and keeping the money for itself. Devos, which does business as Guaranteed Returns, offers middleman services to pharmacies and government agencies who are looking to take advantage of buy-back refunds from drug makers. Instead of issuing those refunds back to customers, Devos pocketed the money for itself.

Pharmacies and government agencies who contract with middleman drug return companies should take steps to ensure that they are receiving the correct refunds for their returned drug products. Frier Levitt routinely assists pharmacies in ensuring receipt of proper refunds from drug returns. If your pharmacy contracts with a drug return company and you are not receiving the proper refunds, contact Frier Levitt today.