Frier Levitt Successfully Defends Two Professionals Facing Patient Allegations Before the Licensing Board

Recently Frier Levitt represented two medical professionals, a psychologist and a physician, in patient complaints before their respective professional licensing Boards.

In one case, a patient alleged a psychologist engaged in discriminatory practices and failed to keep psychiatric records. After careful review and investigation, evidence was submitted to the Board of Psychological Examiners proving inaccuracies of the patient account. The Board cleared the psychologist of any wrongdoing and closed the matter with no disciplinary action taken. The matter remains confidential.

A physician was facing patient allegations of discriminatory treatment and deceptive practices. After careful review, evidence of inaccuracies of the patient’s account was presented to the Board who sided with the physician. Ultimately, the Board cleared the physician of any wrongdoing and closed the matter without disciplinary action and the matter remained confidential. 

Frier Levitt routinely works with medical professionals in matters before professional licensure Boards and other disciplinary proceedings. If you are a medical professional facing allegations of wrongdoing before a licensing Board, hospital or employer, contact Frier Levitt today to speak with an attorney.