Frier Levitt Obtains $500K Reduction for Physician in Overpayment Audit

A New Jersey physician was recently charged with having received over $1MM in overpayments by a large commercial private payor. After working closely with the physician and consulting with an expert certified professional coder, Frier Levitt asserted the physician’s rights under New Jersey law, obtaining a reduction of $500k from the overpayment demand. Frier Levitt was also able to put in place a long-term payment plan with the payor for the remaining amount to limit the impact to the practice. Additionally, the physician was able to avoid being placed in pre-payment review, even though it was suggested by the payor’s initial error rate.

Frier Levitt has extensive experience representing physicians facing pre- and post-payment audits, overpayment demands and billing investigations. Contact Frier Levitt today to speak to an attorney if a payor or investigator contacts your practice.