Frier Levitt Partner Guillermo Beades Published in Physicians Practice: What to do During a Medical Board Investigation

Frier Levitt partner Guillermo Beades published an article, “What to do During a Medical Board Investigation” in Physicians Practice, where he discusses the intricacies of a medical board investigation.

Professional licensing boards serve an essential function in upholding the integrity of various professional fields, guaranteeing that practitioners maintain ethical conduct and deliver safe, effective services to the public. In addition to their authority to issue licenses, these boards hold the full power to enforce regulations and take disciplinary action against licensees.

When a licensing board initiates an investigation, it can be a daunting prospect for professionals. However, by carefully assessing an investigatory letter from the board and understanding its significance, a licensee can substantially reduce or potentially avoid public disciplinary actions.

In his article, Guillermo walks through the anatomy of a licensing board investigation, discusses best practices for responding to licensing board investigations and patient complaints, and explores the expectations at a licensing board hearing.

Read the article in Physicians Practice here.