Advocacy and Government Affairs

Frier Levitt’s Advocacy and Government Affairs Practice Group collaborates with our clients to advance their policy objectives. This important work is performed by a team of experienced attorneys who are skillful in several key areas, including:

  • Monitoring state and Federal regulatory developments that directly impact our clients’ current and/or future interests
  • Directly engaging with key influencers and decision-makers; offering learned testimony at Senate Committee hearings; attending Hill Meetings aimed at educating elected representatives about key policy issues (see below for details regarding our Co-Founding Partners’ recent activities)
  • Amplifying the voices of our clients in the relevant discourse, e.g., researching and authoring White Papers; preparing formal, written public comments in response to proposed agency rules and regulations
  • Assisting clients with the formation of local, regional, and/or national coalitions for alignment on key policy issues
  • Protecting our clients’ interests at both the state and Federal level in a variety of scenarios, e.g. petitioning agencies to adopt, modify, or rescind rules; appealing actions by third-party payors that impede patient care or cause harm to patients; seeking opportunities for our clients to provide hearing testimony as industry stakeholders; when necessary, using the tools of litigation (such as injunctive relief) to avoid or mitigate injustice
  • Working closely with professional lobbying groups to advance our clients’ strategic objectives through legislative advocacy

Daniel Frier Joins U.S. Women's Health Alliance on Capitol Hill

Frier Levitt’s co-founding partner Daniel Frier joined the U.S. Women’s Health Alliance on Capitol Hill to advocate for healthcare reform that focuses on delivering women the highest quality and most affordable care.

They met with senators and representatives in Washington, DC delving into critical matters that encompass the transformation of the nation’s healthcare system – a shift from “pay for volume” model to one centered towards “pay for results and quality”. A paramount focus of their discussions included establishing fair business practices by eliminating the unfair advantages hospitals have in comparison to independent community private practices.

Jonathan Levitt Invited to Testify Before U.S. Senate Committee on Finance on the Impact of Pharmacy Benefit Managers on Patients and Taxpayers

Frier Levitt has been in the trenches, representing various stakeholders in the drug supply chain, including pharmacies, dispensing physician practices, hospital and health systems, national provider associations, drug manufacturers, drug wholesalers, and plan sponsors for more than two decades, and has been at the forefront of efforts for increased government oversight and scrutiny of PBM conduct. 
As a leading voice in the healthcare industry, Jonathan Levitt testified to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance during a hearing on March 30, 2023, titled “Pharmacy Benefit Managers and the Prescription Drug Supply Chain: Impact on Patients and Taxpayers.” During his testimony, Jon shared his insights on the role of PBMs in the prescription drug supply chain and their impact on patients and taxpayers. The importance of this hearing for the pharmacy industry cannot be understated.
We invite you to watch the recorded hearing here.
Read the press release here.