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Frier Levitt’s Compliance Practice assists in the development, implementation, and administration of tailored compliance programs for healthcare practices and life science entities, and also in the assessment and revision of existing compliance programs.

A true compliance program should adhere to the seven core elements of an effective compliance program, while championing ethical conduct, detecting wrongdoing, and promoting continual compliance with the myriad of laws, regulations, and rules pertaining to proper billing and patient safety. It should stress organizational due diligence and sound internal controls that consistently reinforce the need and benefits of professional compliance. It should also educate and train employees on compliance standards and procedures, and hold employees accountable for violations of standards.  An effective compliance program will not only prevent or diminish the occurrence of violations, but will also reduce the potential for employer liability and minimize the consequences, should violations occur.

Frier Levitt’s Compliance efforts include the following:

  • Conduct an assessment to determine the extent to which the client has effective compliance standards and procedures in place
  • Draft a compliance program that is tailored to and fits the needs of the individual client
  • Institute internal controls
  • Conduct external audits where needed
  • Develop internal programs to educate and train employees in all aspects of the individual compliance program
  • Provide necessary compliance training on subject matters such as prevention of fraud and abuse, prevention of sexual harassment, HIPAA privacy and security issues, and OSHA issues
  • Provide ongoing outside counsel relationship with familiarity of client’s organizational structure and operations to better assist in time of emergency or crisis

Frier Levitt’s compliance advice has added advantages beyond compliance mechanics and metrics. Frier Levitt’s attorneys, experienced in life sciences and health care transactions and litigation, can anticipate the potential legal consequences and litigation challenges of issues that should be addressed upfront in a compliance program. We are able to provide expert advice within an attorney-client relationship, and bring in subject matter experts to aid our firm when appropriate under the same confidentiality and work product provisions.

Frier Levitt takes a team approach to provide the most comprehensive compliance advice to our clients. The logic of our collective compliance advice is simple: the more effective the program, the less chance you will have to defend in Government or private legal action.

Contact Frier Levitt today to speak to an attorney about the benefits of a compliance program, conducting a compliance assessment, revising and strengthening a compliance program or starting a Manual block by administrator compliance program.