Theresa DiGuglielmo and Brandon Zarsky Author Article on What Physicians Need to Know Before Opening a Medispa for Medical Economics

Frier Levitt’s Heathcare Attorneys Theresa M. DiGulielmo, Esq., and Brandon S. Zarsky, Esq., Author Article for Medical Economics on what physicians need to know before opening a medispa.

According to a recent study [1], the global medical spa market is expected to reach USD 33.9 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth ratio of 13.8%. More than ever, physicians, non-physician providers, and non-licensed providers are interested in offering medical spa (sometimes known as “medispa”) services.

Physicians seeking to expand their medical practices to include the provision of aesthetic services may wish to do so through the establishment of a medispa and should strongly consider doing so through the MSO model should they desire to bring on non-licensee investors.


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