Frier Levitt Successful in Disputing Focused Professional Peer Evaluation Matter at New York Hospital

Frier Levitt recently assisted a New York-based Physician in challenging and resolving an improperly implemented Focused Professional Peer Evaluation (“FPPE”) by a New York Hospital. A FPPE is a process used by hospitals and other healthcare organizations to assess the competence and performance of individual medical staff members or healthcare providers. The Physician retained Frier Levitt’s services after being placed on the unmerited FPPE which the Hospital imposed for the Physician’s alleged provision of medical care that did not comport with the Hospital’s guidelines. The Physician was placed on a 3-month FPPE and probationary status at the Hospital, which required successful completion of the allegedly questionable procedures under the Hospital’s supervision.

The Physician initially met with the Hospital’s committee to challenge the implementation of the FPPE and was advised that supervised procedures would be required to avoid adverse action by the Hospital. After completing the FPPE requirements, the Physician held a meeting with the Hospital’s committee to review the completion of the procedures, during which, the Physician was advised that the FPPE would be extended due to the unsupported assertion that the Physician had failed to sufficiently document patient notes—a different and unrelated issue not previously raised by the Hospital. It was at this stage that the Physician sought Frier Levitt’s guidance, as the Physician perceived this extension to be egregious and wholly unmerited due to lack of any deviation from standard patient care procedure. Frier Levitt guided the Physician in disputing the unwarranted FPPE extension and succeeded in having the Hospital’s committee reconsider their prior finding and determine all requirements had in fact been successfully met.

Physician advocacy is an imperative part of the FPPE process, and being well-prepared to address Hospital concerns is essential to protecting one’s interests. As a result of the strategic resolution of the Hospital’s concerns, the Physician was able to resume the regular course of patient care at the Hospital without reporting to the National Practitioner Data Bank (“NPDB”).

How Frier Levitt Can Help

Frier Levitt has been highly successful in numerous matters involving the resolution and mitigation of the impact of FPPE and probationary implementations on physicians by guiding clients through thorough and supported responses to hospital concerns. Avoiding escalation of FPPE matters and potential reporting can be critical to a physician’s career, and Frier Levitt aims to guide physicians in navigating such uncertain situations. If you are an independent practitioner involved in an FPPE, probationary, or other dispute with a hospital or health system that may threaten your privileges, contact Frier Levitt to speak with an experienced healthcare attorney for a comprehensive review of your situation and rights under the terms of your arrangement.