Frier Levitt Files Suit Against New York State to Annul a Rule Limiting Oncologists’ Ability to In-Office Dispense Supportive Care Medications

As earlier noted, the New York State Department of Health (“NYDOH”) and the New York State Department of Education (“NYSED”) promulgated a so-called “policy,” which is actually a poorly-disguised agency rule, precluding New York oncologists from submitting claims to New York Fee-For-Service or Managed Medicaid plans for the in-office dispensing of supportive care medications, such as pain medications, iron deficiency medications, and anti-emetics. In response to this unsupported and unsound policy, Frier Levitt filed suit earlier this week against the NYDOH and NYSED on behalf of an independent New York oncology practice seeking to annul the new rule in an effort to protect both providers and patients. A copy of the Article 78 Petition can be found here

How Frier Levitt Can Help

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