How to Prepare for a PBM Audit to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Frier Levitt attorneys Dae Y. Lee, PharmD, Esq., CPBS and Harini Bupathi, Esq., present a webinar that discusses trends, proactive measures, audit triggers, and most importantly, tools available for pharmacies to defend against PBM audits.
As a result of the recent uptick in PBM audit activities, Frier Levitt has developed a checklist to help pharmacies prepare for a PBM audit, whether onsite, desk, or virtual. Please enjoy this complimentary webinar to learn how to navigate the increasingly aggressive realm of PBM audits.
Topics for Discussion:
  • Identify PBM auditing trends and measures pharmacies can take to avoid common pitfalls and prevent adverse action
  • Discuss pharmacy practices that are likely to trigger a PBM audit
  • Navigate potential regulatory actions that can be triggered by a PBM audit
  • Explain legal tools available to pharmacies to defend an audit