Statement to Our Healthcare and Life Sciences Provider Clients and the Healthcare Community Regarding Frier Levitt’s Services in the COVID-19 Claim Space

Frier Levitt is a national healthcare and life sciences boutique healthcare law firm with many clinician attorneys. Our firm name has become synonymous throughout the country with protecting the healthcare provider community including physicians, physician groups, hospitals, pharmacies and the like. Our mission statement takes this into account, and we will not deviate from that mission ever. 

For the last twenty years, we have experienced firsthand just how hard healthcare providers have fought for patients.  COVID-19 has hit the healthcare community hard, and providers have faced an invisible enemy that we knew so little about.  Our government has created a federal law that “preempts” any state laws and provides immunity to Providers from lawsuits against providers relating to COVID-19 “countermeasures” that would have clogged up the court system.

Over 140,000 Americans and counting have lost their lives battling this terrible disease.  Providers have fought hard for patients, and now Frier Levitt has an opportunity to also fight for patients, without disrupting any provider/patient relations, and without taxing the court system. Frier Levitt is seeking to help families of those that have perished file a claim for benefits from the Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program provision of the Federal PREP Act (“CICP”).  If a person is receiving certain types of defined medical treatment that resulted in his/her death, his/her family may be able to recover a death benefit from the CICP in the amount of $365,670. 

This Program allows the family of those impacted most by COVID-19 to collect benefits from the Government’s established program.  We want to ensure the healthcare community that these are not “medical malpractice” or “personal injury” cases.  These claims made against the CICP fund do not impact Providers or their malpractice insurance.  Providers enjoy immunity. Frier Levitt does not file malpractice claims. We are helping families gain compensation in an unprecedented time from a Fund set up by Congress.