Private Equity Investing in Specialty Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Companies

As part of our Life Sciences division, Frier Levitt’s Healthcare Investment Practice Group provides legal and factual due diligence to the Mutual Fund, Hedge Fund, Venture Capital, and Private Equity community when looking to invest in Specialty Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and other public or private healthcare companies.

While the Specialty Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical and Biotech spaces are growing rapidly and present many opportunities for investment, these investments require additional due diligence as the landscape regarding drug pricing and general regulatory scrutiny constantly changes. Frier Levitt has first-hand knowledge of these spaces and emerging topics of interest to investors.

Frier Levitt’s Healthcare Investment Practice Group, supported by a team of over 30 healthcare attorneys, is able to identify issues that matter to money managers and investors and provide them with an independent viewpoint and confidence necessary to make intelligent and informed decisions, all from a high-level legal healthcare perspective. With our vast network of existing contacts and close relationships with industry stakeholders, we are able to provide fast, reliable intelligence and market insights.

We have extensive experience working directly with a variety of specialty pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and other healthcare organizations regarding the many regulatory hurdles that challenge operations and potentially prevent growth. Through this experience, Frier Levitt is poised to offer intricate analysis of a company’s business model from a regulatory perspective, and remains well-versed in issues surrounding specialty pharmacy networks, State and Federal Any Willing Provider laws, Patient Assistance Programs, change of ownership PBM and Board requirements, specialty drug copayments, and limited distribution drug network concerns.

Our clients include some of the largest financial institutions, publicly-traded healthcare corporations, coalitions of healthcare providers, and entities involved in acquisitions valued in excess of $100 million.

Our services to healthcare investors include:

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