Employment Matters

As a national healthcare and life sciences boutique law firm, Frier Levitt understands that every business, practice, employer, employee, and situation is different. Our work product is not generic; we take a holistic approach to our clients’ individual needs and tailor solutions to their unique circumstances.

Setting Your Practice Up for Success

Opening and maintaining a healthcare practice requires more than providing quality patient care. Employers must be prepared to deal with employee issues and ensure compliance with all federal, state and local regulations. Employers must navigate and comply with a minefield of inter-related labor and employment laws and regulations at every layer of government: federal, state, and even county and municipal. Recent changes in the social fabric of society and the need to respond to COVID-19 pandemic are quickly finding their way into the workplace and the law books. These unanticipated issues have forced all firms to examine their culture and policies. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an immediate effect on work-from-home policies and technology and privacy issues. Even the most well-intentioned employer may find itself at the receiving end of a lawsuit, EEOC Charge of Discrimination, or agency investigation. Frier Levitt is at the forefront of this ever-changing area of law and is well-equipped to advise start-ups, established businesses, and everything in between.

Our Healthcare and Life Science Experience

Frier Levitt is a full-service healthcare and life science law firm. Our experience in regulatory, transactional and litigation matters allow us to prepare our clients to practice in a compliant manner, respond to regulatory issues, and engage in litigation avoidance. However, when litigation cannot be avoided, our litigation attorneys prosecute and defend claims with collaboration from our regulatory and transactional departments. For our clients, this means we take a proactive approach to an extensive list of issues affecting their business. For example, we ensure employee handbooks and policies are up to date, negotiate physician and employee agreements, and provide on-site and virtual training in hot topics in employment law, such as sexual harassment, discrimination, and workplace violence discussions. In addition, Frier Levitt may assist with:

What We Do

As a firm specializing in healthcare and life science, our attorneys come from a variety of backgrounds and experience, including Pharmacists, Nurses, Emergency Responders, Physicians, Assistant Attorney Generals. Our attorneys collaborate to provide our clients with the best legal guidance taking into considerations the various regulatory, transactional and litigation views. , Sometimes, litigation is unavoidable. Frier Levitt attorneys take the same holistic approach to its clients’ needs in the courtroom. Like a high-stakes game of chess, we capitalize on our adversary’s weaknesses, anticipate their next moves, and adjust our strategy to steer the case in our favor. We work with a purpose, and never simply “churn that bill”. Our goal is a favorable outcome at an excellent value.

Frier Levitt represents clients in a variety of matters, including but not limited to:

Who We Represent

Frier Levitt represents healthcare and life science clients including:

Daniel B. Frier, Esq., and Michelle L. Greenberg, Esq. currently head Frier Levitt’s Employment Law group. Contact Us today to speak with one of our attorneys specializing in employment law.