Criminal Defense and Government Investigations

If you have been charged with a healthcare or pharmacy-related crime, being investigated or contacted by a government agency, have had a financial relationship with a party who has been charged with or is under investigation for a healthcare or pharmacy-related crime, or simply want to avoid the potential for criminal prosecution, you need representation from attorneys who have both extensive criminal defense experience and a deep understanding of federal and state healthcare laws and regulations. At Frier Levitt, we have all of the above, and we use a team approach within our firm to provide the most comprehensive advice to our clients in order to develop the best possible strategy for dealing with each client’s specific needs. We have attorneys with decades of criminal defense experience who have handled countless federal and state healthcare fraud prosecutions/investigations, and we have regulatory/transactional attorneys who spend their days navigating the vast labyrinth of federal and state healthcare laws and regulations. This combination provides our clients with the best opportunity to defend against, or avoid, criminal prosecution. Often times a civil or regulatory inquiry becomes a criminal investigation or prosecution because the civil case was not handled with the requisite level of experience. Our team of attorneys at Frier Levitt is has the multidisciplinary knowledge and experience to protect you from every angle. Knowledge of your rights and best quality of representation is imperative in every stage of an investigation, from initial contact by the authorities through final disposition of the matter. Our attorneys will inform you of your rights and provide you with the best defense in every case.

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