Laboratories are under intense scrutiny by payors, as well as state and federal governmental regulators. Arrangements that involve payor-exclusive and/or preferred provider relationships, and payor efforts to steer members to “preferred” labs, must be carefully weighed in order to protect their client base and ensure viability. In order to secure, maintain and grow market share, Laboratories must not only evolve to adopt innovative structures and pursue compliant alignments with physicians and hospitals, but also remember to pay attention to a myriad of legal pitfalls.

Frier Levitt attorneys have significant experience representing independent, physician-office and hospital-affiliated Laboratories and are able to guide them in all aspects of business, including:

Frier Levitt attorneys carefully monitor industry trends and governmental initiatives, including prosecutorial focuses, in order to apprise their Laboratory clients of ways in which they can remain competitive, exploit business opportunities, and avoid/reduce the likelihood of scrutiny and prosecutions. Contact us today to speak to an attorney.