White Collar Criminal Defense and Government Investigations

Frier Levitt’s White Collar Criminal Defense and Government Investigations Practice Group represents healthcare professionals and life sciences companies who have, or may, become the subject of criminal investigations, prosecutions, and civil or administrative investigations. We recognize that effective representation begins before investigation begin or criminal charges are brought, and that not all matters which have caught the attention of the Government warrant criminal charges or resolution through the criminal justice system. We are able to provide a fair and independent review of potential problem areas and conduct internal corporate investigations when the need arises. Often times a civil or regulatory inquiry becomes a criminal investigation or prosecution because the civil case was not handled with the requisite level of experience. Our attorneys have both extensive criminal defense experience and a deep understanding of federal and state healthcare laws and regulations. This experience is particularly important in light of the DOJ initiative to prevent and crackdown on COVID-19 related fraud, including prosecutions for scams involving the CARES Act, PPP loans, and PPE acquisitions and sales.  

Frier Levitt’s attorneys have decades of experience representing clients not only in trial, but also during pre-investigation and investigatory phases, including:

• Healthcare or pharmacy-related audits that may generate criminal charges
• Responding to grand jury and administrative subpoenas
• Search warrants
• Requests by the Government for interviews and information
• Civil or administrative matters where a criminal referral may be made

It is important in life sciences and healthcare cases that the collateral consequences of a criminal matter to a licensed professional are understood, and that a comprehensive, global approach is taken in the defense. Thus, our team of attorneys have the multidisciplinary knowledge and experience to protect you from every angle. We utilize a team approach to provide the most comprehensive advice to our clients in order to develop the best possible strategy for dealing with each client’s specific needs.

Our team also possesses extensive experience in the utilization government “Self-Disclosure” programs. Self-Disclosure is offered by a variety of federal and state agencies, allowing providers that may have run afoul of regulations to report and remediate certain transgressions. Most Self-Disclosure protocols allow those that self-report to avoid the more draconian enforcement penalties. We have successfully negotiated countless settlements with federal and state agencies. We have the experience to determine and advise when a Self-Disclosure is in the best interests of our clients.

 In addition, Frier Levitt’s extensive regulatory and clinical knowledge enables us to understand and resolve the issues that underpin pharmacy and healthcare-related investigations and prosecutions. These qualifications, along with diligent and aggressive preparation and a willingness and ability to try difficult cases, is the formula for effective negotiations with authorities, and favorable outcomes when trial is necessary. Knowledge of your rights and best quality of representation is imperative in every stage of an investigation, from initial contact by the authorities through final disposition of the matter. Our attorneys will inform you of your rights and provide you with the best defense in every case.

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