Frier Levitt Saves Pharmacy Over $12.6 Million in Lawsuit with Drug Manufacturer

Frier Levitt recently defended a pharmacy in a lawsuit filed by a prominent drug manufacturer alleging that the pharmacy had failed to pay for more than $14.6 million of drug product that the pharmacy had purchased. After reviewing the contract documents between the parties, Frier Levitt developed a strategy to not only establish that the pharmacy was entitled to numerous credits to offset the pharmacy’s drug purchases, but also to leverage several of the material terms in the manufacturer’s contract against the manufacturer. In addition, while there was no disputing that the pharmacy had purchased more than $14.6 million of drug product from the manufacturer, Frier Levitt was able to advance counterclaims against the manufacturer. Frier Levitt used aggressive, multi-pronged litigation strategies, resulting in a savings to the pharmacy of more than $12.6 million.

If you are a pharmacy facing a lawsuit by a drug manufacturer, seeking proper representation should be your first step. Frier Levitt has almost 20 years of experience in handling cases like this one. Contact Frier Levitt today to speak with an attorney.