Frier Levitt Helps Lower $2.7 million Audit to $25k for Independent Pharmacy

Recently, a Florida pharmacy underwent an invoice reconciliation audit by a PBM. During this audit, the PBM requested a list of the pharmacy’s wholesalers and copies of the pharmacy’s purchase history to be sent directly from the manufacturers. While the pharmacy engaged in diligent efforts to address this audit request, the pharmacy inadvertently excluded certain wholesalers and purchase information, consequently subjecting the pharmacy to a $2.7 million recoupment for inventory shortfalls. Initially, the PBM declined to accept any additional documentation or information to address this recoupment; however, after working with the pharmacy and the PBM to address the underlying basis for the inventory shortfalls, the recoupment amount was reduced to less than $25k, saving the pharmacy over $2.6 million.

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