CLIENT ALERT: CVS and Walgreens Point the Finger at Physicians in Opioid Litigation While Walgreens Simultaneously Announces Initiatives to “Partner” with Physicians

Major retail pharmacy chains such as CVS and Walgreens have officially pointed the finger at physicians in the multi-district federal opioid litigation by filing third-party complaints against physicians earlier this year. The chains claim that the doctors writing opioid prescriptions are equally, if not more, at blame for fueling the opioid epidemic. In addition to having their medical licenses challenged, this will also lead to physicians becoming the subject of greater scrutiny with respect to criminal and civil investigations related to opioid prescribing.

Ironically, Walgreens has announced plans to form “partnerships” with physicians in 2020, while simultaneously pointing the finger at physicians in the opioid litigation. Physicians should carefully evaluate such partnerships with competent healthcare and life sciences counsel.

How Frier Levitt Can Help
If you are a physician that may be subject to third-party complaints filed by Chains in the opioid litigation and/or considering partnerships involving doctor-staffed clinics with large chains, such as Walgreens, contact Frier Levitt today to speak with an attorney.

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