Case Alert: Frier Levitt Successfully Removes Defamatory Online Physician Reviews

Frier Levitt was recently successful in removing fraudulent online reviews for a New Jersey-based medical practice. In the current climate, it has become far too easy for patients to post disparaging, and many times, false, information about a medical provider on social media and review sites. Unfortunately, these negative and defamatory reviews are many times a prospective patient’s “first impression” of a practice when looking for a physician online. Complicating matters, physicians are generally barred from responding to these reviews directly due to HIPAA and patient confidentiality concerns.

Having the reviews removed can often be a difficult and daunting process as online review sites have terms and conditions that prohibit them from taking down reviews even where the facts themselves are false. These instances require direct action on a physician or medical practice’s part to demand that the poster personally remove the fraudulent information.

How Frier Levitt Can Help
If a patient has posted information that is false, fraudulent, and materially harmful to your practice, you have rights. Frier Levitt can help you get fraudulent patient reviews removed, safeguarding your reputation and business. If you are a physician having issues with fraudulent online negative reviews, contact Frier Levitt today to speak to an attorney.

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