Frier Levitt Successfully Reverses PBM Enrollment Denial

Frier Levitt was recently successful in reversing a Midwest pharmacy’s enrollment application denial by a major Pharmacy Benefit Manager (“PBM”). The PBM denied the pharmacy’s enrollment application alleging that the pharmacy was previously terminated while it was under a prior ownership. Notably concerning, the pharmacy was not aware of the termination that occurred under the prior ownership. Despite having made several attempts to clarify the underlying basis for the denial, the PBM ultimately denied the pharmacy’s enrollment application. Subsequently, Frier Levitt intervened and successfully demonstrated that, among other things, the current ownership of the pharmacy did not have any involvement with the underlying basis of the previous termination.
How Frier Levitt Can Help
If your pharmacy is being denied entry into a PBM network and requires assistance with securing access, Frier Levitt can help. Our attorneys have substantial experience and knowledge in the specific concerns that PBMs have with respect to network access and have assisted numerous pharmacies in overcoming PBM contracting issues. Contact us today to speak with an attorney.