Pharmaceutical Wholesaler ALERT: Manufacturer Targeting Wholesalers for Allegedly Exploiting Returns Process

A major pharmaceuticals manufacturer may be targeting wholesalers and other distributors who allegedly exploited the manufacturer’s returns process. The manufacturer appears to be alleging that distributors fraudulently represented the source of certain drugs, or that they falsely represented the circumstances of their purchase of the drugs, in order to allegedly induce the manufacturer or their agent to accept them through its return goods program and pay out reimbursements in accordance with that program.

Manufacturers cannot make bald accusations and must meet certain legal standards for pleading fraud or other legal claims. Further, initial due diligence of the manufacturer’s return policy applicable at the time show that wholesalers did comply with applicable policies.

If your business is being unfairly targeted by a manufacturer for returns you made according to the manufacturer’s own policy, Frier Levitt can help. Our experienced litigators will evaluate your case and can defend your business against these claims. Contact a Frier Levitt to speak to an attorney today.