Kansas Board of Pharmacy Revises Regulations Applicable to Non-Resident Pharmacies

Effective January 12, 2018, the Kansas Board of Pharmacy has revised its regulations relating to non-resident pharmacies, requiring that pharmacies who are licensed, or seeking to become licensed, in the state to designate a Kansas-licensed pharmacist as the pharmacy’s Pharmacist-in-Charge (PIC). With this requirement, Kansas joins a growing list of states that now require non-resident pharmacies to designate a PIC who holds the applicable state’s pharmacist license. The rule also imposes a new inspection requirement, requiring non-resident pharmacies to provide proof of a satisfactory inspection conducted with the past 18 months by the pharmacy’s home state’s Board of Pharmacy.

The Board has already updated its non-resident pharmacy application to reflect the changes in its requirements for all applicants seeking to become licensed with the state. Notwithstanding, the Board has allowed that non-resident pharmacies already licensed in the state will not be required to comply with the new PIC licensure requirement until June 2018, upon renewal of their existing licenses. As to the inspection requirement, the Board will allow non-resident pharmacies to, at their own expense, contract with a Board-approved third party for an inspection if the pharmacy demonstrates that no state inspection is available.

Pharmacies seeking or already holding a license in the state of Kansas should be aware of the changes to the State’s PIC and inspection requirements, and pharmacies seeking to expand their practice outside of their home state, generally, should be aware of a growing pattern of stricter compliance standards being set by states for non-resident pharmacies. Contact Frier Levitt today for help ensuring your pharmacy is in compliance with state licensing requirements.