Frier Levitt Helps Pharmacy Reverse PBM Termination

Frier Levitt recently reversed a PBM’s decision to terminate a pharmacy due to alleged drug invoice shortage discrepancies. The pharmacy was terminated due to the results of a PBM’s pre-credentialing audit that failed to take into account a variety of purchases made during and prior to the audit period. The PBM also failed to take into account an inventory that was purchased from the previous owner of the pharmacy. Using advanced legal arguments and a variety of correspondence to navigate the complexities of PBM audit procedures, Frier Levitt intervened on behalf of the pharmacy and secured a reversal of the termination decision. 

If you or your pharmacy have been terminated from a PBM’s network and need assistance in securing a reversal, Frier Levitt can help. Frier Levitt’s attorneys are knowledgeable in the specifics surrounding PBM audits and have assisted multiple pharmacies in reversing termination decisions. Contact Frier Levitt today to speak with an attorney.