Florida Attorney General Brings Action Against CVS and Walgreens for Role in Opioid Crisis

Florida is suing CVS and Walgreens for allegedly contributing to the opioid crisis. CVS and Walgreens have been added as defendants, among manufacturers and distributors, in a lawsuit brought by Florida Attorney General. Apart from the manufacturers, the lawsuit alleges that CVS and Walgreens have violated their duties under state law not only in their capacity as distributor but also dispensing pharmacies. The suit further alleges that CVS and Walgreens contributed to the opioid crisis by overselling opioids and not being diligent enough to prevent diversion, meanwhile, marketing opioid during the relevant times.      

Government officials have been battling the opioid pandemic in the last several years and it has become a national topic. Kentucky Attorney General also brought an action against Walgreens for its role in opioid crisis. The current action against CVS and Walgreens brought by Florida Attorney General demonstrates that pharmacies could be held liable for their actions or inactions in their capacity as distributors, dispensers, and/or marketers.  

As enforcement efforts continue, every participant along the supply chain continuum potentially faces discipline by professional boards and regulatory agencies, civil liability and/or criminal prosecution. To minimize the risk of violating the applicable regulations, participants should implement a robust opioid compliance plan. Frier Levitt has extensive experience in creating opioid compliance plans for pharmacies, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and prescribers. Contact Frier Levitt today to speak to an attorney.