NJ Publishes Guidance for NJ Pharmacies Regarding COVID-19

New Jersey has published guidance for New Jersey pharmacies regarding COVID-19. Among the various guidelines, New Jersey has implemented a procedure for pharmacies to submit temporary waiver requests if a pharmacy is not able to continue operating in a manner that allows it to adhere to the Board of Pharmacy’s regulations and to provide services to its patients due to an issue related to COVID-19. Further, the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy has also advised that it is granting a temporary waiver that will permit a pharmacy to limit the number of hours it is open to less than 40 hours and five days per week if certain conditions are met. Pharmacies should be aware that despite the relaxation of some state board of pharmacy rules and regulations related to COVID-19, pharmacies must still separately assess its compliance with PBM contract requirements.

How Frier Levitt Can Help?

If any New Jersey pharmacy needs assistance regarding these matters or in communicating with the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy and submitting a temporary waiver request to the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy, contact Frier Levitt directly at (973) 618-1660 and ask to speak with an attorney. We are here to help and to assist pharmacies through these challenging circumstances.

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