Martha M. Rumore Published in STAT: “FDA Proposed Rule Would Facilitate Prescription-to-OTC Switches but Nix a Third Class of Drugs”

After a decade-long wait, the Food and Drug Administration finally issued a proposed rule in late June that would make it easier for pharmaceutical companies to switch products from prescription-only to over-the-counter status while still retaining a prescription version.

Under the rule, patients would enjoy access to medications that previously required an office visit and a prescription, while payers would reap the financial benefits of fewer medical and prescription claims. Whether the change would be a challenge or an opportunity for pharmacies depends entirely on how the rule is impacted.

In this article published by STAT, Frier Levitt’s Martha M. Rumore reports on the FDA’s proposed rule, discussing how it would benefit patients and payers, as well as implications for how it could impact pharmacies, both favorably and adversely.

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