Telemedicine and Medicare: Requirements, Billing, Audits, and Pitfalls

Attorneys John E. Morrone, Esq., and Jonathan E. Levitt, Esq. discuss telemedicine medicare requirements, billing, audits trends, and pitfalls, including:

[00:00:00]: Medicare Paying for Telemedicine
[00:02:29]: Medicare Location Requirements: Where Should a Physician Be?
[00:05:04]: Medicare’s Audit of Telemedicine
[00:07:41]: Proper Billing of Telemedicine Services
[00:08:37]: Medicare’s Telemedicine Billing Rules
[00:10:40]: Telemedicine Pitfalls: Third Party Billing
[00:12:24]: Federal and State Telemedicine Law: Who Pays the Physician?

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