Surviving A State Administrative Investigation Webinar

When physicians have issues with state boards and inspections, what should they do? Knowing what happens and how to react can help save your license and your practice.

Being on the receiving end of an investigation by the OPMC or OPD can be very daunting. This webinar will take you through the process of the investigation and describe what OPMC and OPD are looking for, along with providing the steps you can take to minimize the impact both prior to and during the investigation.

In this webinar, Dr. Lawrence F. Kobak, DPM, Esq., Senior Counsel at boutique healthcare law firm Frier Levitt, LLC discusses:
• What to do when you receive a request for records from the OPMC or OPD
• What to do if you receive a surprise office visit from the OPMC or OPD
• The aspects of the OPMC and OPD investigatory process
• How the results of investigation can impact your practice

Viewers of this webinar will be able to:
• Understand the investigation process
• Interpret what OPMC and OPD look for
• Recognize steps to take to minimize the impact of an investigation

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