Frier Levitt Successfully Removes Fraudulent Online Physician Reviews as Trend Continues to Grow

Frier Levitt was recently successful in removing three fraudulent online reviews for a New Jersey-based medical office. Unfortunately, in an era of digital communications, it has become extremely easy for disgruntled patients to vent by making posts about physicians and their practices on social media and online review sites. Many times, these negative reviews can contain false and even defamatory information that can be damaging to a physician’s reputation, their relationships, their patients, and their practice itself. Having the reviews removed can often be a difficult and daunting process as online review sites have terms and conditions that prohibit them from taking down reviews even where the facts themselves are false. These instances require direct action on a physician or medical practice’s part to demand that the poster personally remove the fraudulent information.

Frier Levitt works with physicians and medical practices to have fraudulent patient reviews removed, safeguarding your reputation and business. If you are a physician having issues with fraudulent online negative reviews, contact Frier Levitt today to speak to an attorney.