Frier Levitt Successfully Reduces Multiple Overpayment Demands for Three Medical Practices

Frier Levitt recently represented three medical practices faced with significant overpayment demands. Insurance companies have been auditing practices at a feverish pace that has only increased over the past few years. When audit “failures” can be based on simple documentation errors, an oversight in credentialing, or a multitude of other arbitrary reasons, overpayment demands are a near certainty.  Due to payors’ use of extrapolation, audits are leading to very large overpayment demands. 

In one matter, Frier Levitt was able to attain a $1.2 million reduction in an overpayment after working closely with the practice and a certified professional coder.

In a separate matter, Frier Levitt was able to reduce an audit demand by 90% when it disputed the audit findings and worked with the practice to clarify prior documentation shortfalls.

Frier Levitt also helped a practice defend two concurrent audits that demanded over $1.5 million in recoupments. After attacking the audit findings with a reverse audit through an independent certified professional coder, we were able to reduce the overpayment demands by nearly 70%.

Frier Levitt regularly represents physicians and other healthcare providers with pre- and post payment audits and overpayment demands. Contact Frier Levitt to speak to an attorney if your practice receives an audit or overpayment demand.