Frier Levitt Successfully Defends Three Physicians Facing Board Matters

Frier Levitt successfully represented three physicians facing actions before the Board of Medical Examiners. In one matter, a physician faced patient abandonment allegation when the patient complained about post-care prescribing practices. After preparing a thorough narrative response that detailed a physician’s duties to a patient and the appropriateness of the prescribing and actions, the Board closed the matter to be kept in its confidential files.

In another matter, a physician was faced with three charges of indiscriminate prescriptions. Frier Levitt, with in-depth knowledge and experience  in opioid compliance and with multiple pharmacist-attorneys on its roster, was able to help the physician support each prescription written and dispel the notion that any indiscriminate prescribing took place. The Board agreed and closed this matter to be kept in its confidential files.

In a third matter, a physician was faced with allegations of failure to diagnose. After reviewing the medical records and working closely with the physician, our firm prepared a detailed submission to the Board explaining the diagnosis given and refuting that any failure to diagnose took place. Frier Levitt was able to secure the dismissal of this matter as well avoiding the filing of a disciplinary action and ensuring the complaint will be kept confidential by the Board.

Frier Levitt regularly represents physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare providers in matters before professional licensing boards. Contact Frier Levitt to speak to an attorney if you receive a letter from a licensing board requesting your response to a complaint or demanding your appearance before a committee of the Board.