Frier Levitt 2018 Regulatory Liability Annual Report

In 2017, Frier Levitt formed a practice group to defend healthcare providers against a variety of regulatory and billing liabilities that have become all too commonplace in healthcare delivery today. 2018 represented our first full year of gathering data, and we are pleased to reveal our results.  

We have seen troubling new trends, such as payors alleging billing fraud (without “intent”) to increase the lookback period for potential recoupment. We also continue to see payor tactics like targeting physicians who work long hours, and thus have large bills, or making excessive early demands upon providers with questionable supporting data. 

Our hope is that through education and collaboration with both the healthcare and liability insurance community, we can improve what we believe is an unpredictable and often arbitrary liability climate for providers.  

In 2018, Frier Levitt defended nearly 100 cases with allegations ranging from misconduct to overbilling from government agencies and private payors alike. This inaugural report highlights our findings.    

The more we represent physicians and other healthcare providers, the more we can accumulate data and arm our clients with winning defenses. It is critical to keep pace with payors that grow more emboldened to take money back from providers with each new win, and we need to execute a broad and cooperative strategy to do so. We look forward to continuing our work to help the healthcare community absolve themselves from inappropriate allegations and corresponding liability. If you are currently experiencing any issues, contact Frier Levitt today to speak to an attorney.

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