Frier Levitt’s Government Affairs/Advocacy Services

As legal counsel to providers in an ever-changing healthcare landscape, Frier Levitt recognizes the importance of monitoring proposed, pending and recently enacted legislation and/or rulemaking that affects our clients. From time-to-time, stakeholders are invited to participate in shaping the outcome of a proposed bill (perhaps though testimony at a Congressional hearing) or a proposed rule (through the submission of a public comment to be considered by a rulemaking agency.) We recognize the importance of our clients having a voice in decisions that affect their livelihoods, and we support them by tracking relevant bills and proposed rules, supplying timely information that enables them to react, and preparing strategic comments for submission and/or testimony. Drawing from our decades of experience, we are well-positioned to offer pragmatic advice to clients who wish to participate in government affairs and seek a proverbial “seat at the table” for topics that affect their patients and practices.  

Whether we are forming physician supergroups, clinically integrated networks (CINs) or dental support organizations (DSOs), negotiating mergers and acquisitions, assisting clients in negotiating value-based care contracts, defending pharmacies in pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) audits, appealing administrative revocations of Medicare privileges, crafting compliant telehealth business models, shepherding providers through the OIG’s Self-Disclosure Protocol, or using litigation to enforce a restrictive covenant, the government affairs/advocacy component of our services complements all the other work we do on behalf of our clients. We provide these services on an ad hoc or ongoing basis, depending on the client’s objectives. Larger organizations may choose to receive a customized legislative/rulemaking update on a monthly or quarterly basis, which we offer for a flat annual fee.  

In the first year of this new decade, we urge healthcare providers to embrace a more expansive view of what is possible, commit to being proactive versus reactive, and make their voices heard. For more information about Frier Levitt’s government affairs/advocacy services, contact Frier Levitt to speak with an attorney.